Diverse Instruction

Standard F: Personalizing instruction based on the learner’s diverse academic, social, and emotional needs.

The Online Teacher:

  • Monitors and interprets learner progress and provide reasonable additional supports to all learners.
  • Communicates with appropriate staff regarding accommodations, modifications, or needs and works in collaboration to address learner needs.
  • Uses data to identify learners who need additional support services.
  • Creates alternative formats of course materials, if needed, in order to meet the needs of diverse learners and accommodate alternative means of access.
  • Recommends assistive technologies where appropriate to meet mandated needs and address learner preferences.
  • Provides additional opportunities for personalized learner growth or enrichment.
  • Supports and provides a forum for sharing the varied talents and skills that learners bring to the online environment.

Source: National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, 3rd Edition, 2019, Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance

More information is on the way!

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