Learner Engagement

Standard D: Promoting learner success through interaction with learners and other stakeholders and facilitating meaningful learner engagement in learning activities.

The Online Teacher:

  • Uses digital tools to identify patterns in learner engagement and performance that will inform improvements to achieve individual learner growth.
  • Engages learner agency.
  • Enables a learner-customized pace and/or path through instruction aligned with learners individual goals, learning trajectories, and interests.
  • Establishes relationships through timely and encouraging communication, using various formats.
  • Helps learners reach content mastery through instruction and quality feedback using various formats.
  • Ensures that learners have necessary course resources and the information needed to navigate the learning platform and perform required tasks in a timely manner.
  • Communicates frequently with stakeholders regarding learner progress and strategies for supporting learner engagement.

Source: National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, 3rd Edition, 2019, Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance

More information is on the way!

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